Sprint 6 Retrospective

After what feels to me as almost an eternity and an extremely short time all rolled up into one, we finally reached the end of our final sprint and are ready for our demonstration of our component and by extension work thus far. For me personally, this sprint was pretty chaotic, not because of the work itself but because of my personal situation. However, I have managed to overcome the adversity of my personal situation and am fully prepared to pull my weight at our final presentation. I am also confident with the plan of attack we formulated in the beginning of the sprint, and I have the utmost confidence in my team members as well. Even given my personal setbacks this last week, I would not proceed much differently as far as planning and preparation.

The first thing we did in the beginning of our sixth sprint was to begin preparations for our final presentation to the entire class. It took almost no time at all for Sam and I to decide on an approximate layout for how we are going to present our semesters’ worth of work, struggles, and achievements. Sam was adept at further refining our general topics until we were able to make rough estimations of how much time we should discuss all the topics we decided on.

After we had our foundation for the concepts we are going to cover, we had a full group discussion about who should and / or would prefer to discuss which sections. We divided the work among ourselves almost effortlessly, and then we began the process of fleshing out our skeleton presentation and decided which topics needed to be discussed with more attention to detail and time dedicated, and which topics we would not need the full standard allotted amount of time according to our original timetable. We did hit a bit of a snag trying to fill the criteria that every person in the group should discuss an even level of technical detail. This minor setback was just a consequence of the nature of presenting; somebody has to do the introduction and the wrap up. On top of that, we definitely didn’t want one person stuck with all the hard parts to discuss. Thankfully, we fleshed out a solid means of distributing the complicated parts of our project evenly among us. This part of the sprint I feel confidently that our group excelled at, as the plan came from a basic concept to an actual solid foundation in little time, expending little energy, and having no disagreements.

This point of the sprint however was when I became once more acquainted with Murphy’s law. Between having car troubles and blowing out a tire (twice in a 24 hour period), and having more personal issues to attend to with my family, I was not able to physically attend a few of our sessions. I made sure to let the group know about my absences, and they were of course very supportive. The silver lining was that we were done with the software developing at that point, so at least I could practice on my own and not leave any slack behind me.

Regardless of any personal or vehicular setbacks of mine this sprint, the work we did to prepare our presentation was spot on and efficient. I would definitely plan all future presentations in this way if possible, and I am excited to see tomorrow once and for all how our semester’s worth of planning, struggling, and ultimately our achievements have worked out.

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