Sprint 3 Retrospective

This sprint definitely was more productive than the last one, for the main reason that the scope and implementation of our project is beginning to take shape, and we are gaining more clarity about what we have to do to achieve our goals. At the end of the last sprint, everyone on our team decided that the component that we would be building would be the tab system for adding, modifying, and displaying information about patient records for multiple patients.

Early on in the sprint, Sam found some solid resources that angular provides with multiple variations of tab structures to choose from, and the skeleton codes were provided too. We took a little bit to decide which kind of style, animations, layout and otherwise we wanted to go with, taking into consideration that the everyday users for the project will be medical professionals who have to constantly have multiple tabs open and switching around. We didn’t want our component to feel cumbersome, we definitely value having a sleek easy to read style, and fast animations to streamline their workflow as much as possible. This design goal led us into ruling out certain features that would take a long time for animations or had unnecessary clutter.

After getting a consensus on our group’s design philosophy, seeing what tools angular had to offer us, and deciding on a general schema for our tab component, we discussed in class the need to use Ampath’s included services to make our project compatible with Ampath and useful in an electronic medical records system. Thankfully Andrew found all of that information in their core repository, which saved us a ton of investigative work. So what we have to do now is search through each of the services and their specification mocks to find which ones are relevant to our component and then we can begin creating our prototype.

At this point in our development, we have started to plan for creating a wireframe program which applies both the design we want, as well as the services we need to provide that contains the information and formatting that is relevant to the Ampath vision. Beginning the next sprint we all believe we should be ready to start coding and getting some demonstrable progress under our belts. We will have created a file with our skeleton code and we are hoping to push it to our local repository as soon as we can.

I am very pleased about the progress and mode of work with our group. We all seem to reach a consensus about what direction to go in quickly and effortlessly. We are all finding small ways to help further the progress of our team in our own ways, and at some point during the sprint each member of our group was able to contribute something helpful to all of us. We are all understanding and willing to divide and tackle any particular work tasks we need to get done. I definitely wouldn’t change anything about our group dynamics and I am satisfied that we are successful.

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